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Company profile

WING FAT PAPER BOX COMPANY was founded and headquartered in Hong Kong since 1979, and accumulates over 30 years experiences to produce high quality paper made products, innovative manufacturing methods, advanced printing and packaging services. During 1980s, China pursues the reform development policy which offers many benefits to Hong Kong invested enterprises. WING FAT transferred the Hong Kong based plant to Shenzhen special economic zone since 1989, and first introduced the policies of Sino-Foreign on Special Processing, which is to process raw materials on clients’ demand, assemble parts for the clients and process according to the clients’ samples and engage in compensation trade. Today, WING FAT continues the business development and extends its services coverage such as toys, hardware, plastics, and electronics areas etc. Under the founder’s effective management and follows by the aim of “Realistic, Efficient, Reputation and Update”, WING FAT has grown from a small family business to a large scale printing professional within the printing and packaging industries during these three decades. We created specialize ERP system to satisfy our daily works, which makes everything running effectively and smoothly. Therefore, it makes our high quality products sell over twenty countries which depend on our goodwill. We adhere to the Capacity Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), which is integrated to the whole factories and moreover in order to having an excellent communication medium with our worldwide valuable customers. Nowadays, our subsidiary companies and factories are located on different districts within China, also in US. And the total asset value of our company exceeds 200 million Hong Kong Dollars and coverage more than 30,000 square meters in our main plant site with over 1,000 employees all around the world.