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Orientation of Services & Opportunities
Wing Fat offers a wide range of quality products and services, and we are specialize in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for paper packages, toys, hardware, plastics and electronics products. Moreover, we are providing one-stop star services to our valuable customers, which include Research and Development (R&D), Pre-printing, Post-printing and Co-packing services etc. Our target is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. The quality is guaranteed by performing quality checks throughout all phases of the manufacturing process, and final inspection is performed on all finished products which can ensure its stability. The employees of Wing Fat believe that excellent service is a critical component of success and we are committed to satisfying the customer. Our definition of service includes being accessible, flexible, and making on-time deliveries. Wing Fat is committed to continually improving the products and services provided to our customers. Our goal is to maintain our status as the quality leader in the packaging industry.

OEM / ODM products

We accumulates more than 20 years solid experiences within the paper made products, such as colour box, puzzle, game board, note pad and memorial album etc. Because of the current market competence is rapidly, so we know our customers required a onestop service to ensure their products quality and production lead time. Therefore we are providing the services from product development to product delivery. For the products development area, we owned 2 advanced digital cutter (include a Swiss Zund XL-1200) for samples preparation, which can improve the efficiency of product development. For the prepress area, we purchased a latest Fujifilm Computer to Plate (CTP) machine which can shorten the lead time of zincograph preparation. We spent more than 200 million Hong Kong dollars to own 8 innovative printing machines (include Roland, Komori and KBA) to handle our different printing jobs. Also we import many different unique technologies to solve existing issues of paper made products. For example, we were first introduced the microwave treatment for game board since 2009, its purpose is to minimize the bending issue during extreme environmental conditions. We also have many hard working staffs from packaging production lines to handle those massive packaging day by day. Furthermore, due to our final consumers are located all around the world, so our OEM / ODM products have to meet those international safety standards requirements from different countries, therefore it is necessary for us to build up our own physical and chemical laboratory. The purpose is to improve the overall quality and efficiency during product development schedule. We imported many latest testing equipments such as VARIAN ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer for heavy metal test, Agilent 7890A GC System for Phthalates test, transit tester for packaging transportation test etc. to ensure our product can meet those relevant standards.

Plastic and metallic parts

Due to the complexity of products and its specific requirements from consumers are increasing year by year. The current product itself may contains ten or above parts by different materials. Plastic and metallic casting parts are widely used in those parts due to its flexibility. Therefore we developed our team to handle such challenges as parts manufacturing for our OEM projects, also we have ability to design mold to improve the production rate and cost. As the same time, we start to import many kinds of machineries and technologies to fulfill the customer requirements in plastic and metallic fields since 2004, such as many brand new injection molding machines and diecasting machines. As the result, our maximum daily production capacity for plastic material reaches 10 tons, and zinc alloy reaches 6 tons. Based on our advantage, we can minimize the risk of outsourcing for different components, which means the overall production lead time could be shorten and the quality can be monitored during production.

Other technical supporting service

We also offer wide ranges of production services such as binding, blister packaging, clothing, corrugated carton producing, tempo printing and screenprinting etc. Because we handle all of those supporting services, therefore we have ability to tailor made different types of product effectively.

Co-packing Service
In the current rapidly changing market, many goods are emphasis on diversification, especially for the current popularity hypermarkets. When consumers go to purchase items they need, sometimes they will also purchase something non-essential or never ever brought item to take home. When combines those different products together and there are several common relationships between them, then it may produce some unexpected advantages. For example, the coffee makers can be selling with coffee beans, most of coffee machines manufacturer is not manufacturing coffee beans which due to different enterprise characteristic. Therefore, the co-packaging services can show its beneficial effect precisely. Due to change of the sales mode in the hypermarkets and department stores, we provided the Co-packing service since 2004. It drives traffic with sidekick displays cross-merchandised in project areas such as fasteners, flooring, shelving, and closet organizers. Sidekicks conserve space and accelerate turns. Sidekicks arrive in a pre-packed shipper that requires little assembly. The display can be used with a free-standing base or as a hanging power wing at the side of an end cap. We have the capability and experience to tackle the most complex packaging jobs. Whether you need superior inner packing, high graphic direct print, litho label, displays, co-packing or warehousing, Wing Fat can do it all. Our displays meet the specifications of the major retail stores and we keep the store requirements up-to-date. Our graphic design departments create original designs for litho label and direct print applications. We will also work closely with you or your advertising agency in creating designs that will work well in corrugated packaging and displays. Corrugated Container designs and manufactures custom point of purchase displays, retail packaging boxes and shipping cartons. We have a full structural design department on-site at each location to create custom point of purchase displays including end caps, powerwings, sidekicks, pallet packs, floor displays, counter display etc. We also create shipping boxes to suit your display products. The structural design department uses innovative Computer Aided Design (CAD) software package to develop unique and effective folding carton, corrugated, and thermoformed plastics design solutions. On the other hand, we also provide the transportation service to collect your products from different vendors with customs / inspection documents before export to different countries. Therefore this is the effective way to consolidate those products from different sources.

Electronics lighting products
As we are running a business as the OEM manufacturing factories currently, we all know that the importance of energy saving can lower the overall manufacture cost. In 2008, our top management starts to purpose how to reduce energy consumption to improve the overall running cost at the beginning. And we found that this energy consumption issue also can apply to other enterprises even household applications. As we know that many countries are starting to phase-out those traditional incandescent lighting sources due to its low energy efficiency (Europe will phase-out all incandescent bulb in 2012), although the compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are popular but having harmful chemical contains (such as mercury) and its functional restriction (take time to warm up until full brightness). Therefore, we start to build up our specific team to focus on this proposed strategy. We spent a year to research and develop our high luminous LED lighting products and install to all of our plant sites, and we find that the overall lighting energy consumption can be save more than 60%. Upon thereason, we decided to enter to this market and create our own brand. Due to this is an electrical product must fulfill the safety requirements, therefore we sent our products to third parties laboratory and complied with international standards to obtain the CE mark. On the other hand, we also set up some basic electrical testing equipment to inspect our products, which can ensure the quality and performance. Today we expand our product categories, such as spotlights, ceiling lamps, down lights, PAR lamps, lighting tubes, garden lamps, flat panel lights, projecting lights, tunnel lights, high bay lights and street lights etc.