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WING FAT accumulates more than 30 years solid experiences within the packaging industries, and diversify the scope of business to satisfy our customers. As our slogan of “Your Success, Our Target!” simply describe that those products to our customers can be having a successful result which is our greatest desirable target. The following reasons are how WING FAT cooperates with enterprises to achieve this goal.

Comply with international standards

Our existing packaging solutions are selling to different large scale retailers and hypermarkets around the world such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Carrefour and Auchan etc. Due to different selling locations, it also has different physical and chemical standards requirement to fulfill with. For example, US market required the heavy metal contains should be less than 100 ppm for all packaging materials, and we have our own third party certified laboratory to perform such tests. Also we can conduct physical test before delivery your goods, we have transit testing equipment to simulate the products with outer carton during transportation. The purpose is to ensure the products within the outer carton are under protections. It also complies with International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) standards.

Problem solver

As our company strategy helps enterprises to solve their existing problems, not to increase their problems. For example, when problem occurs within a project, many enterprises try to solve it as quick as they can which can minimize the schedule and cost impact. But we are not only doing that, we recorded those problems to our system and use systematic approaches to handling such issues which can decrease the probability of similar problem to happen again.

Green and environmental friendly

One of our targets is to provide a green and environmental friendly working environment to our staff. Due to this topic is getting popular to run any business in these few years; and our top management start to purpose it and become to our target. Therefore we have many policies and innovation solutions to help our enterprise to become more “Green”. Generally, there are three different sections we started to work with. Firstly, energy conservation section is the one of those important issues. As we all know lighting energy is cannot be avoid to using in any industries. Therefore, we start to research and develop our own LED lighting equipment for all plant sites, which can save more than 60% of electrical energy precisely. Secondly, we also focus on the drinking water. All tap-water filtered and purified it as drinking water for our staff to instead of purchase bottled water. Thirdly, we have our own independent waste separation and recovery approach to reduce waste. For example, we reuse the plastic material scraps to reform our in-house plastic container. Furthermore, we also complied with ICTI Environmental Mission Statement, which means the third party can certify us fulfill with current environment standards.

Packaging sustainability

As we were printing, paper products and packaging factory originally, therefore we are fully understood what ingredients of paper itself. Most of packaging is made by wide ranges of paper. And the paper contains are wood pulps in general. Therefore, we applied for the FSC®-COC certificate since 2009. We also purpose to our supplier to apply for it, which can ensure the chain of custody is maintained and the sources of those wood pulps are traceable. On the other hand, we start to study another kind of paper-like material such as “Stone paper” in this few years, it mainly made by two substances as polyethylene (PE) and calcium carbonate, it also totally tree-free and waterproofed. And from the research shows that its production is not involve any water consumption, bleaching chemicals and air pollutant, which is more environmental friendly than all traditional wood pulp made paper.